Hug the children!

This has been such a difficult week for those of us who love children.  I hate seeing any child hurt. They need love more than anything else in the world. When a young child suffers trauma the impacts are long-lasting. The impacts include physical development, emotional development and intellectual development. We see this in the lives of the homeless. Our shelter children are much more likely to have learning challenges and be diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. These children often become behavior problems at school and, as time goes by, are suspended from school far more frequently than others. If not addressed we seal the fate of our children before they even have a chance to learn and succeed. We know the impacts and the consequences but somehow we do not seem to find solutions. All children deserve a home and the opportunity for a healthy life. Your support of Family Promise helps bring stability and healing to children who have suffered the loss of a home. 

Mary LeMense